17 March 2009

Months fly by..

I have just looked at my last post and realized that I haven't posted a piece in A WHILE! I almost shook my head at the screen and said "Nuh uh, that's not true. I have been composing words into random pieces since December 10th"! I've been writing on napkins and quickly tapping words into the MEMO application on my Blackberry while walking Chico and etching some run on sentences out on the back of receipts in my wallet on the train (when I'm not distracted by the 6:50pm crowd of commuters, of course). I would lie and say to concentrate has been so hard lately. My mind has been wandering all over my 9-6, new personal endeavors and projects, and all the clutter that is starting to really clog my life and my bedroom! I'm really growing out of alot of things. But that is what my poetry is all about! It's capturing moments that are true to me and my experience and putting them down in some order that makes since to me, for my own recollection-not for anyone else's understanding of the words. So really I have been letting life happen but have not been giving myself an outlet. That ended today on my walk with Chico. My eyes were burning from Blackberry display light but the point is I was getting some real air and productively writing an entry for my blog.

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