17 March 2009

4 Seasons Love

Doors unlocked and beds unmade won't scare me.
In the Winter, frost bite and bitter cold winds won't undo me as long as you stay next to me by the rolling heater and tell me how much you care LOUDLY when I forget to turn it off before sleep comes and it's too late.
Simple life and nothing fancy won't disappoint me.
Spring mud and flowers devoured by dogs and worms won't bug me if you shield me from rain.
Being uncomfortable in any sense of the word won't apply to me.
Not in a humid room at night on an air mattress on the wood floor or in a space filled with hot cigarette breath where scorching words are used between thumps of addiction and bass that invades from a stolen box.
As long as you can chill with me for as long as is meant to be.
I'll never Fall out over spilled Cap'n Crunch all over the studio floor or when you fold your clothes perfectly and mine inside out.
Bills and notices and calls or even strangers knocking on the door won't devalue me if you scent lingers in the corners where I hide and the petals of flowers you bought stay pressed next to our Verses.

1 comment:

Charlotte said...

Hey Jess-

I e-stalked you after seeing dooce last week. That's what you get for flashing your Twitter handle to your friend who was right next to me! Love your blog and your Tweets are always hilarious.

You're definitely a talented writer and I'm looking forward to more posts from you!

-@mizChartreuse ;)