03 September 2008

Three Quarter Moon

My candles are burning on a tiny speck of a wick
And someone's (Neo) Soul is just pouring out of my old Playback
All the right songs
About the beauty of life and love..
But now so is night
It models to me, revealing its finest assets
The whistle of the wind assuring me that you will call
While the moon is out-shining through my window
At me
On me
Intense and bright
Most vibrant for its lack of completeness
And in it I see my name
And yours too...
Both names that shout a need for emergence
And soon all the wishing will launch us into a miracle
Bigger than my world
And all of theirs too
But can you believe there's more?
A quarter.
Trapped by black clouds, regretful
Unfulfilled by your arrogance
because you won't strive for the piece that's been lingering close by
and just call

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