03 September 2008

Hot Night Horoscope

Not a chocolate KISS or a red heart
I give you a Swedish Fish
It is Pisces swimming inside the Febrero issue
It promises fortune
Like an everlasting gleam that remains on your smile
In that old picture I took
Almost burned

It will help you on the real test
Like a lesson in sexology
It will make us a fly
Bound tight in a web
Spun in our own nest.

I am trying to be beautiful.

Not a burnt tapestry or a broken jigsaw puzzle

I give you a star
Its gold shape will mold and rot on the left quad
Of your beating heart:
Strong and pounding
For as long as it will pound
For as long as I will let it pound.

Take it.
Let the tender taste of those words dissolve in your cheek.
If you like
Its scent will cling on your taste buds
Cling to the fresh pink paint on my walls.

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