03 November 2009

October Heir

Expensive wind-blown hair
Her curls a mahogany mess of beauty, hiding her sullen eyes and fine nose rounded at the tip.
Rain in her too- couture leather booties- to function, soaking feet than run hard in the morning and pace on hard wood floors in the dead of night.
Not in the rain boots on the oriental door rug in her lake view abode!
The rich texture of her black cloak clash marvelously with silk textured tights
Meant to protect from things cooler than her, the coolest of people, the coldest of green stares and hide her auburned knees.
Liquid gloves cover the shaft of her arm to the dry, bony elbows of a poor little rich girl.
Scarlet letters dropping from the trees to meet the Autumn that walks on sprinkles in her world, on the ground, to break her every Fall.

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