26 October 2008

Soupy Rain

Alphabet scripture
Sprinkled out on Monday
Or was it Tuesday in the United Country?
No it pours there
And you were confessing as fast as pro fingers could type
Lacking only a pawn, which could never be advanced
Neither of us wanting to adjourn for fear of missing a sound of that repeated chime-
I can't see your hand
To save my life, my fantasy: my wife
My intentions for you with all my might
you are Her
Out there in the muddy trenches of youth and misfortune
Only tepid broth fills your mouth as it once did mine,
and the drops too big to welcome
Always come simmering down.
Warm and tempting enough-
Hallelujah! just in time!
to teach you a lesson.

1 comment:

Rod said...

This one is my favorite so far, Jessica.